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It’s #SangriaTime!🍷🍊🍒

It’s easy to make 1 glass or an entire pitcher of sangria when you need to relax or distance yourself from social distancing. These days I’m drinking wine because:
1. Why not?
2. Health
3. Number 2 is a lie

I call this one The #1 Stunner, because it’s basic, beautiful and the standard for what sangria should taste like. 

When I was 18, I went to Spain for the first time and I had the best sangria made right in the glass at this little shop inside of one of the resorts in Malagá. I was right on the ocean and looked out on the Mediterranean every morning with thoughts of sneaking downstairs to sneak one of these glasses.

I’m grown now and I can make my own. God bless the vintners and the fruit growers that made this union possible.

#1 Stunner
Equal parts:
freshly squeezed orange juice
4 parts red wine
1 cup of ice cubes
1/4 cup sugar (optional)
3 parts club soda
frozen berries
1 orange slice, cut into pieces


Kat said...

Hey, Nikki! I tried your red wine sangria recipe, and it was da BOMB! I usually make a big batch for me and my family (one red and one white), but it hadn't occurred to me to make it by the glass. I didn't have any kind of berries so I omitted that, but I added brandy for the first time ever and WOW. It really kicked it up a notch. I will never make brandy-less red wine sangria ever again! Looking forward to your other sangria recipes! (BTW: Here's a really cool lychee white wine sangria that I like:

SB said...

Red wine sangrias are my go-to - guess I should try one sometime but in the meantime, yes to this!

Unknown said...

nice. Wein Angebote