$20 Challenge

To prove that you can eat locally grown food AND stay within your grocery budget, the Dixie Classic Fair Farmers Market and the City of Winston-Salem is sponsoring the $20 Challenge twice a month from May through September in 2014.

Did you not make it to the market on Saturday? Watch the $20 Challenge on WSTV-13 on Time Warner Cable (Channels 74.3 and 1303) OR subscribe to the City of Winston-Salem's You Tube channel.

When can you catch $20 Challenge on TV?

Sunday: 11am, 7pm
Monday: 10am, 3pm
Tuesday: 12noon, 9pm
Wednesday: 8am, 1pm
Thursday: 11am, 4pm
Friday: 10am, 8pm
Saturday: 8am, 1pm

Filming at the Dixie Classic Fair Farmers Market
Watch + Create + Repeat

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SEPTEMBER 13 RECIPES (sausage & mixed pepper ragú with scuppernong grape gastrique over pumpkin grits

I will stage a live cooking demonstration in which I will prepare a meal for a family of four for $20 using ingredients I buy at the market that day.

Showing off mixed greens, sweet potatoes and fried chicken
Come see how I do it and get some great ideas for feeding your family.
Stage your own $20 Challenge!
Send pics and videos of your family's challenge to niksnacksblog@gmail.com