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This pasta is a part of my attempt to be helpful in sharing what I, a professional culinarian, eat at home. 

Also: as a part of a personal effort to eat better and have mealtime structure in my life, I began creating weekly meal plan ideas for dinner. I think about what is in my pantry (freezer and fridge included) and what I want to make/should make with my findings. 

Every day for the past 2 months, I have been sharing my findings on Instagram. One, to keep myself accountable; And two, I believe that my followers think I cook and make "fancy" food all of the time. Yeah, I have truffle oil but I also have canned green beans and chunk light tuna on the shelf (sounds like the makings of a salad ni├žoise, gimme some potatoes!) 

I want to break down that third wall and misnomer. I sincerely enjoy sharing what I cook and eat for myself because I may not be a "celebrity" but I'm "just like us."

Lastly, I want to be as helpful to you as I can. As a culinary professional who has been on both sides of the aisle, rich and poor, I will be providing food content to you here on Nik Snacks, in your inbox and on all social media channels.

This pasta in tomato sauce takes less than 20 minutes from start to finish and you can complete other tasks or finish the meal while this cooks. It's simple, straightforward, but very filling. Enjoy.

I make all of my pasta in my Instant Pot these days.

To make the perfect pasta:

1. Put raw, uncooked pasta in the electric pressure cooker and pour a water/jarred tomato sauce mix over the mixture until just barely covered. Stir to combine.

(Alternatively, set your electric pressure cooker to SAUTE and brown ground beef or chicken until no pink remains and then proceed with step 1)

2. Look at the recommended cook time directions for the pasta. Set the electric cooker to PRESSURE COOK. Set the time--Cut the time listed in half and add ONE minute. Example, if the directions say 'boil 7-9 minutes', in the electric pressure cooker, set the time to 4-6 minutes. 

3. After the time elapses, do a quick release for al dente OR natural release for 5-7 minutes and then quick release to release the rest of the pressure.

4. Open the lid and add 2 Tablespoons of butter. Stir to combine for a silky, smooth sauce.

5. Garnish with cheese and cracked black pepper. Serve.


John Warner said...

I was loving my instant pot, bragging to all about it. Making my dogs food was so easy! I put in the food and the water, pressed pressure cook and like magic it was just done when it beeped. Getting used to the pressurization wasn't hard at all. It wasn't really difficult to use.instant pot air fryer