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Every Friday is Fish Fry Friday at my mother's house. Most weeks we used to order boxes of fried filets of fish accompanied with hushpuppies, crinkle cut French fries, freshly grated coleslaw, creamy potato salad or steamy baked potatoes, slices of white bread and hot sauce.

There are whole cultural rituals that surround the sacred fish fry. And I'm here to pull back the curtain and let you in on a little secret.

Dinner is served.

I grew up Catholic and every Friday we had fish for dinner. And twice on weekends that occurred during Lent. My grandmother would pick me up from school and we'd swing around the corner to the fish shop to pick up order of fish for dinner. Porgies, croaker, spots, blue fish (my favorite), flounder; it all made it into the bubbling oil and fried to perfection.

These days, I like Whiting. It's a white, firm-fleshed fish with a neutral flavor and is perfect for frying. The skin crisps up nicely and is mild in flavor too. Fresh or frozen, it's my Friday night fish of choice.

Tips to make fried fish:

Use a heavy bottom pan or cast iron skillet to fry the fish
Use your choice of fish. Tilapia, whiting, cod or catfish.

Pat the fish dry before you dredge them.
Season the fish lightly with salt and pepper
Gently press the breading onto the fish and shake off excess flour
Coat the fish then leave it alone for 10-15 minutes. the longer the better. This will help keep the coating from falling off before you add it to the oil.

Do not fill the skillet more than halfway with oil.
Once the temperature reaches 350°F it’s time to fry.

Southern Fried Fish 
Yield: 3-4 servings 2-3 pieces each

lb Fish Fillet whiting (cod or catfish work)
salt and pepper for taste
vegetable oil for frying
3/4 cup yellow or white cornmeal
1/2 cup all-purpose flour
salt and pepper, to taste

1. Lightly season the fish with salt and pepper. Set aside.  In a large bowl, combine the flours and all of the seasonings. 

2. Dredge the fillets in the breading mixture one at a time. Place the coated fillets on a parchment lined baking sheet. Let them sit for 10-15 minutes. 

3. Heat oil in a large skillet over medium heat to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Fill the pan with the vegetable oil halfway.

4. Fry the fillets in batches but do not crowd the pan. Cook for 3-4 minutes on each side. Drain on a paper towel. Serve immediately.


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Mmm now we can't wait for Friday! Family traditions are our favorite, especially when it involves food! :)