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In an effort to be helpful to all of my readers, I am publishing my personal weekly menu ideas. It's a sneak peek into what I cook for myself at home.

This week marks SIXTEEN WEEKS of weekly meal plans. That's nearly 100 meals plus sides that I've managed to plan. This is impressive because I used to never plan my meals. I thought the idea of meal-planning was too restrictive and time-consuming. That's not true.

Walking through the kitchen and digging in the refrigerator to come up with tasty meals takes no more time than it takes to make a shopping list for the grocery store. Due to the current restrictions of travel and eating out at restaurants, I am happily ready to cook every meal at home and share the fruits of my labor with you.

If you need help figuring out what groceries to buy, here is a comprehensive well-stocked pantry list. It includes non-perishables, refrigerated and frozen food columns. NEXT WEEK, I'll also issue a shopping and ingredient list so you can cook along at home.

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