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Triple Berry Biscuit Trifle: Like a parfait but better. This is one of those desserts where the end result looks impressive and possibly labor-intensive, when all you did was literally WHIP UP a fantastic confection. A little whipped cream never hurt anyone, right?

Leftover biscuits are not common in my house, but it's been known to happen from time to time. If you don't have biscuits, you can make them: From a can (which I do not recommend), from a mix or from scratch. I can't stand leftovers, so transforming them into something completely different is the way to go.

Use deep, clear glasses, cups, bowls or a footed glass trifle dish so the layers can be seen. Don’t worry if the layers look slightly uneven or if the layers mix — that's what makes the trifle delicious.

Trifles can be time-consuming to make from scratch. Save time by using store-bought biscuits, leftover pancakes, French toast or croissants.

The result is a pretty super fantastic berry trifle that can be made in 30 minutes or less.

Triple Berry Biscuit Trifle with Honey Whipped Cream

Yield: 5-6oz cups or 1 40 oz trifle dish


2 pints mixed berries, fresh
1/2 cup blackberry jam

1-1/2 cups cold heavy cream
5 Tablespoons honey
4-5 cups day-old biscuits, cubed


1. Set aside a few berries for topping the trifle. Combine fruit and blackberry jam in a medium bowl; set aside.

Honey Whipped Cream:

2. Pour the heavy cream into the bowl of an electric stand mixer. Use the wire whisk attachment to whip the cream on medium speed until it begins to thicken slightly.

3. Turn the mixer off and add the honey. Scrape down the sides of the mixing bowl to push the honey into the cream. Whip the cream on high speed until it holds stiff peaks.

Assemble trifles:

4. Divide 1/2 of the biscuit cubes among glasses/cups while spreading cubes to even layer in bottom of glasses.

5. Add 1/4 of the berries then top with half whipped cream. Repeat process (biscuits, berries, whipped cream) ending with whipped cream on top. Add reserved berries on top just before serving). Store in refrigerator until ready to serve

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Nancie McDermott said...

Honey in whipped cream --- and all the things to use besides CAKE to create trifles, parfaits, sustainable desserts. Love how you think and create, Ms. Nik!