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Twitter is my social media channel of choice and I use it daily. I was voted first runner-up as best local Twitter feed in Winston-Salem, losing only to the city's newspaper. No matter who I am or how amazing my Twitter is, I can't compete with a paper with hundreds of thousands of readers! There are also other local blogs that have thousands more readers than mine, have a larger web presence and I beat them too. I didn't think I stood a chance, but I proved them AND myself wrong!

Thanks to social media and reality television shows, non-celebrities can feel close to and connected to famous people in a way never done before. To hear my family and friends tell it, I'm a local celebrity.

This post is dedicated to the few food celebrities that have replied to my direct tweets on Twitter. Thanks, y'all!

(UPDATE 8/22/13): I tweeted to Top Chef Season 7 winner, Kevin Sbraga to let him know I talked about him on the latest Tart & Tangy Triad episode and he said...

I am saving my coin to buy a ticket to get on a plane to go to Montréal to meet Chuck, eat at his restaurants and Instagram the hell out of him. That's right, Chuck. You're on notice ;)

In 2013, I was completely obsessed with Food Network Star this season and even more obsessed with these two chefs.

I like Alex Guarnaschelli because of her first appearance on Iron Chef America as a challenging competitor. She seemed glib, smug, calm, cool and collected the entire time, rolling her eyes and smirking at all of Alton's jokes and I loved her attitude. The Food Network loves her too, because she's got her own show, is a judge on Chopped, and keeps showing up every where. I love her. Her simple one-word response to me and fellow blogger Dawn at Vanilla Kitchen totally made my night.

I met Ray Lampe in 2012 during the Sweet Summer Luv Luv Festival and he's totally a celebrity on the BBQ circuit who is a spokesman for the Big Green Egg, has half a dozen cookbooks and appears on TV. A lot.

I've only had a Twinkie once in my life and I don't care to have one again. I will say that the one I had was grilled, injected and presented beautifully--all presented by one of Canada's most celebrated chefs, Ted Reader.


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