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On January 04, 2011 by Nikki @ NikSnacks   3 comments
Have you ever wanted to attend a hands-on cooking class?
This class will be conducted by me, professional cook and culinary artist, Nikki Miller-Ka!

This day and age, many don't know how to cook. Or if you know how you cook, you don't do it often and you need a little jump start to get your culinary juices flowing!
The menu will be a simple, yet elegant meal that will impress anyone from a boyfriend and wife to husband or mother-in-law!
The menu will include:
    Butternut Squash &Mushroom Bisque 
    Oven-Roasted Whole Chicken with seasonal vegetables
    Yeast Rolls 
    Roasted Red Pepper Potato Gratin 
    Chocolate Molten Cake
**Menu subject to change**

To insure that everyone who wants to cook has a chance, the class will be open only to 12 participants. The class will not be held if we have less than this number of people. Once the class fills, a waiting list will be opened and those individuals will be able to participate WITHOUT the hands-on option for a lower price ($15).
All utensils, instruction, and fun will be provided. Feel free to bring your favorite beverage or any cooking utensils you favor in your own kitchen!
A recipe list, supply list, directions to location, etc. will be furnished after you register (ie. pay) for the class. No refunds will be issued, so check your schedules before RSVP'ing. If the class roster does not reach 12 members by January 11, the class will be cancelled.
At this time, all payments will be taken ONLINE ONLY. No CODs or cash/check at the door.

For more information or questions, contact Nikki Miller-Ka at nicolettemiller.ka[at]gmail.com


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