9th Day of Christmas

"On the 9th day of Christmas, my true love gave to me... 9 ladies dancing, 10 lords a-leaping, 11 pipers piping, 12 drummers drumming... and a partridge in a pear tree!"

Okay, my lofty goal of making cookies every day for 12 days was just that: lofty. Technically, today would be the 9th day of Christmas... :-/
I am too busy & too unfocused to do anything like that for that long, ever again. I am proud of myself though! I did four days in a row. That's nearly a work week. I deserve... a cookie...

Today's cookies are not going to be cookies. They are going to be doughnuts! The sweet, deep-fried, circular pieces of dough that have as much controversy surrounding them as Lexington and Eastern barbecue or Pepsi & Coke.

Office fights have broke out over Krispy Kremes and Dunkin' Donuts. Families have been divided over doughnut holes or Munchkins. Best friends have declared war over fried vs. cake.... it's crazy!

Since I am from Winston-Salem, we're going to talk about Krispy Kreme. KK sent 2 dozen boxes to the newsroom last week. I ate one of the ones at the top: chocolate cake doughnuts with glaze and peppermint bark. Bark is just crushed up candy. Bark is also only available during the holiday season. I bet if I crushed up some Life Savers and put it on a doughnut and called it "bark" in April, I'd get funny looks.

Fortunately (or unfortunately at times) the table where food is usually displayed is less than 10 feet away from my desk. I can't see the table, but I can hear packages rattling, popcorn popping, coffee percolating, jars opening, crackers crunching... it's distracting sometimes. I put my headphones on to drown out the noise only for my efforts to be thwarted by an interoffice email!

Okay... this email is from me to the entire newsroom, but this is an anomaly. I promise. I really don't send out many emails like this.

This little guy is smiling, happy...oblivious to the fact that 5 of his friends have just been picked up and munched on.
These little ditties are a healthier version of a baked doughnut. Pretty, aren't they?

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Nikki Miller-Ka

Nikki Miller-Ka

Ms. Miller-Ka is a classically trained chef with a BA in English from East Carolina University and a Culinary Arts Associate Degree from Le Cordon Bleu-Miami.

Formerly, she’s worked as a researcher, an editorial assistant, reporter and guest blogger for various publications and outlets in the Southeast. She has also worked as a catering chef, a pastry chef, a butcher, a baker, and a biscuit-maker. Presently, she is a food editor, freelance food writer, and a tour guide for Taste Carolina Gourmet Food Tours.

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  1. I have barely baked a thing in weeks. Normally I'm baking all over the place trying to give little gifts to people at work and such. I am blown away by 12 cookies. Go for it!

  2. Hi Nik, congrats on having your blog featured on the Foodie Blogroll! Those doughnuts look awesome--did you make them? If so, care to share the recipe? Merry Christmas! :>)

  3. I had to comment being pretty local (G'boro, used to work in downtown Winston and was in charge of Friday morning doughnut runs). My kids begged for the KK chocolate with peppermint bark, and they didn't care for them! They ALWAYS go for the chocolate glazed creme filled. Who can blame them?


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