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Happy International Beer Day to you all. As a staunch supporter of barley, hops, and other fine grains, I recommend you go to your local watering hole, tie one on and get to know that cute bartender.

I, for one, will be enjoying the above beverage (Natty Greene's Wildflower Witbier, a local version of the Belgian-style Blue Moon) along with a few of its brothers.

Not a fan of beer? That's OK. I won't hold it against you...it IS an acquired taste...




  1. Happy Beer Day to you too! As I'm sure you know, I save beer for special occasions, but on hot days, a nice citrus type beer like that goes a long way. Glad to see you're kicking back the suds my friend :)

  2. I didn't know, at least Matt had a beer to celebrate

  3. Cool Nikki. Just visited Tina at Mommy's Kitchen where she made "root" beer from scratch. It's a beer day all over the place.

  4. I no longer celebrate beer day(used to be a celebration that was celebrated all year long). I finally got to where my liver is speaking to me again. Had I kept on going, it probably would have started enriching Uranium to get my attention.

    My favorite was Shinerbock and Guiness Extra Stout. Those were the days.


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