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Nik Snacks 2020 Local Holiday Gift Guide

There’s no better strategy for gift-giving than leaning into the one thing that brings people together: food. For the food enthusiast who has everything, the enterprising home chef or baker or the perpetual host with the most Instagram-worthy kitchen, there’s something on this list for everyone. 

Haand Ceramics

Haand specializes in handmade porcelain pottery, crafted by hand in a 13,000-square-foot factory in downtown Burlington. The photo below is one of three Haand pieces I own! Each piece is unique in design and use but the quality remains consistent across every product. Dinnerware like bowls, cups, plates and other serving accessories are used in restaurants all over the world and locally too. Order online or visit the showroom to see first-Haand their beautiful, durable porcelain pottery. From $22.

Taste Carolina Gourmet Food Tours

They has put together boxes of goods from the businesses that it used to frequent on its food tours, making for a thoughtful gift for those who put trips across the state indefinitely on hold. Carefully selected options include a sampling of six downtown Greensboro restaurants and food shops. Packaged in branded reusable cooler bags, each gift is perfect for two to four bons vivants for a holiday treat no one will soon forget. Available for pickup on Saturdays at a scheduled downtown location or delivery. From $89.

Smoke City Meats rubs and spice blends

This artisanal butcher is known for custom cuts of sustainable beef, pork and poultry but the shop also has a pantry of house-made spice blends and rubs for your favorite cook’s culinary needs. Four different blends are available with names that call up geographical points in our region. Examples include: Black Mountain (a rub with activated charcoal for deep, dark crusts on smoked items); Pisgah (select dried herbs and cumin meant for poultry and lamb); and Pilot (for ribs and pork) With visible, sizable granules of salt, spices and herbs, it’s easy to see the high quality and freshness of each jar. From $10.


Freezer from Wagner Appliance

The kitchen is where we all spent months baking, cooking and reheating this year. All of those cookies, cakes, pies, stocks and cuts of meat have to have somewhere to go when the freezer is full and the refrigerator has no more room in the inn. An upgrade or new-to-you major kitchen appliance is not out of the question for you or your favorite foodie. Servicing the Triad for almost 50 years, Wagner Appliance is family-owned and family-friendly. Select used and new items from freezers, refrigerators, ovens and icemakers with limited warranties and local delivery are available. From $189.

Blueberry Balsamic Pastry Cups

Midtown Olive Oil

Open up your dearest gastronome’s palate to a great number of flavor combinations and possibilities with olive oils and vinegars from Midtown Olive Oil in Greensboro. Ranging in colors and flavors from mild and mellow to deep, languid greens with sharp spice levels, each olive oil and infused vinegar are presented with different mouthfeels and textures. Choose a dark toasted sesame, piquant chili oil or a vibrant California Cuveé olive oil to add complexity to someone’s kitchen. From $12.

To discover SIX MORE local gift ideas, click here to read the rest of the list in my weekly column in triad-city-beat.com

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