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NIKKI SAYS RELAX #SangriaSaturday IS HERE. Be as cool as a cucumber. As cool as a cucumber dripped in melon, gin and fresh mint can be!

You are MINT to be chilling with this Cucumber Melon Sangria recipe. Your favorite Riesling or other semi-sweet white wine pairs perfectly with the botanicals of gin, diced cantaloupe and a fresh minty garnish. It's exactly what you need to chillout for the weekend. ENJOY!

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Cucumber Melon Sangria 4 cups cantaloupe OR honeydew melon, cubed 1 cup sliced English cucumber 1 750ml sweet white wine 1 cup fresh mint leaves Ice 1. Combine all the ingredients except the fresh mint leaves in a pitcher; stir. 2. Allow sangria to sit and macerate at least one hour in the refrigerator. Overnight is best. Stir in mint leaves just before serving.


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