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This week I’m looking forward to Easter. Every year of my life, we have the same meal: ham, lamb, potato salad, green beans and rolls. Except this year. Easter is my favorite holiday. I get Easter baskets from my mom and she has even started giving them to my boyfriend, too.

While social distancing is going to prevent me from enjoying my traditional meal, I plan to make a new tradition. We’re going to have pernil, coleslaw, roasted carrots and Parker House rolls. I’m also going to attempt making hot cross buns and maybe a carrot cake too (with coconut cream cheese frosting!)

How will you be celebrating Easter?

I get inspiration from many places. Sometimes it's the internet, a tv show, a cookbook and more often than not, people.

Gumbo is one of those dishes that is easy to make fresh or from bits and pieces of leftovers. I'm mixing the best of both worlds this week. I've got leftover pork from last week's pork souvlaki, stock from beans and potatoes from 2 weeks ago. It's about to go DOWN!

I could eat 4 egg rolls in one sitting and not blink an eye. Even these aren't safe from my egg-roll-eating soul. A good friend makes this dish in a bowl for her kids all of the time. They have discriminating palates, so if they can enjoy them, so can I!

Enjoy your week. See y'all...


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