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Photo courtesy: Pizza Hut

Another day, another brand collaboration, right? This time, "itz" the Stuffed Cheez-It Pizza, the union of Pizza Hut and Cheez-It. Described as a jumbo, crispy, Cheez-It-flavored square baked and stuffed with cheese or cheese plus pepperoni, served with a side of marinara dipping sauce, this creation — which sounds like a calzone, according to Eater — will be available at Pizza Huts starting today (September 17, 2019)

The concept was born when Pizza Hut realized that Cheez-Itz were popular among the chain’s largest fan base: college students. According to a press release, customers crave “these kinds of mashups between beloved food brands.”

I'm not a college student but I love both things, so I'm they're target.
Pick me! Pick me!

I don't normally blog about restaurants and what they're serving but I have made an exception for two of my favorite things: Pizza Hut and Cheez-Itz.

It has been documented that pizza is my favorite food, but what most don't know is that Pizza Hut is my favorite national pizza chain. Pan crust ONLY, though.

And while there are only a few actual snacks on my blog, one of my favorites just happens to be Cheez-Itz. I put them in this snack mix, I buy them before I go on trips and I have been known to carry a bag of them around in my purse. Needless to say, I JUMPED at the chance to try the new pizza at Pizza Hut.


First of all, they look like giant Cheez-Itz. Even down to the crimped edges and hole in the center. I opted for the pepperoni and cheese stuffed ones, imagining a couple of slices of pepperoni layered between cheese that when I broke the crust, I'd get that lacy cheese pull that commercials use to sell everything from American to Queso Blanco.

This was NOT that. At first, the crust was a little greasy and flimsy. It was too hot to eat so I (not so) patiently waited to dig in. The pepperoni consists of little bits and reminded me of the pizza flavored Toaster Breaks from the late 90s. The cheese is more creamy and less stringy than I has hoped, suspending the pepperoni bits in its wake.

While in my haste to try this new menu item I burned my fingers a little bit, but not before wishing I had ranch dressing instead of the house marinara in which to dip this bastardization. Just like the original cheese crackers, the crust is VERY salty and has that sharp cheddar taste. Best eaten at room temperature, these little pockets are good for a mid-afternoon snack or an appetizer before consuming copious amounts of beer or other carbonated beverages.

If Pizza Hut and Cheez-It wants to develop this product for the toaster or toaster oven, I'm in. But I do not think I will order it again. I'll stick to keeping my love for pizza and cheesy snack crackers separate. But equal.


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YEAH I think I'll pass XD

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and now we know. thanks for taking one for the team