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2016 was difficult.

Political, national and world events aside, it was difficult for me personally and emotionally.

Don't you need a drink? Because I know I need one.

Every year I strive to be bigger and better than before while remaining humble and grounded. I got to fly higher than ever by taking my first solo vacation to Montreal, Canada (even after I purchased my plane ticket, I didn't know exactly where Quebec was on the map), attended my favorite food conference in Orlando, drove around the state of North Carolina peddling beer and one-of-a-kind recipes, too. I went on not one, but two North Carolina farm tours, went camping in a field with chefs from all over North Carolina, Virginia and beyond while eating lamb for four days and sent personalized Christmas cards for the first time ever. I also started and ended a very intense personal relationship, bought my first DSLR camera and traveled to Alabama to be a sous chef at the World Food Championships.

Overall, it was a great year, but I am wanting for something more. I made a comment to a friend that I had nothing to look forward to in 2017. I was quickly reminded that I am taking  a self-funded voyage to Paris in May. That personal relationship I lost in 2016 has been rekindled and is burning brighter than before in 2017. I have a few personal and professional projects in the works, too.

All of these remembrances is to say this: I need a drink. A good cold, crisp drink with complex yet familiar flavors. My standard winter beverage of choice is Sprite, vodka and bitters. It's low-cal, refreshing and makes me feel sophisticated when I'm sitting at a bar, rattling my ice cubes about, trying to stab my maraschino cherry garnish with my stirrer. This drink is an upgrade from my usual. And I love it. I hope you will, too.

When Stirrings Cocktail Mixers challenged me to make a new cocktail using their mixers, I decided to stick to something that *I* want to drink, while still being on-trend and pretty freaking delicious.

Stirrings Cosmopolitan rimmer cocktail garnish
1/4 oz blackstrap molasses
1/2 oz Stirrings Simple Pomegranate Martini cocktail mix
2 ounces whiskey or bourbon
2 dashes of Angostura bitters
2 Orange slices, for garnish

1. Rub the rim of a cocktail glass with the cut side of an orange. Hold the glass upside down and dip the glass in Cosmopolitan rimmer
2. Fill a cocktail shaker with ice and add molasses, Stirrings pomegranate cocktail mix, whiskey and bitters. Shake vigorously for 10 seconds.
3. Strain into a cocktail glass. Gently place the orange slice into cocktail and serve.

You can find Stirrings products at Total Wines & More and Food Lion grocery stores. To learn more about Stirrings, including great recipes and entertaining ideas, visit their website and check out their social media sites:


  1. Sweet mother of god - that looks stunning! Solid effort and I'm so glad it turned out as you liked it this time :

  2. looks very cool. it would be interesting to try


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