Got To Be NC Competition Dining Series 2016 #CompDiningNC

Four years ago it started. Four years ago the state of North Carolina was turned right side up by the Got To Be NC Competition Dining Series. I've watched the series grow and develop and you've watched it, too.

Being asked to be the official blogger for the series has been one of my greatest triumphs and joys on Nik Snacks.

Feeling like I was part of the team and amongst my people (culinary people, that is) really opened up my eyes to what this region of North Carolina has to offer in the realm of culinary arts. Relationships with chefs, farmers, producers and the goodness that grows in the state is one of the best things to come out of Competition Dining. And now we're ready to do it again. May 22, 23 and 25 it begins. Ready to buy your ticket yet?

In 2016, the series welcomed and encouraged "dream teams" to apply to compete. Each team consists of 3 chefs from different establishments with fun team names to distinguish themselves from one another. Restaurants aren't being pitted against one another this time. It's chefs against chefs in SIX different markets: Winston-Salem AND Greensboro; Raleigh AND Durham; Charlotte AND Wilmington all have separate battles with 4 teams each competing in a single-elimination bracket series.
Example of the quality of Competition Dining Series fare

All this being equal, some things remain the same:
Nightly featured ingredients will be revealed on the day of each competition and diners will not know who prepared each course and will be able to vote on each course via mobile app. Each team will create three dishes incorporating featured ingredients for a total of 6 courses for us, the diners to eat. Ready to buy tickets NOW?

The 2016 Winston Salem dream teams:
Miller Time
Vidalia Boom
El Jefe
Phoenix Brevard

Read each team's bio here

Of course, I'm biased and I want team Miller Time to take it all. And to see that happen, you should click here to buy your tickets!

I was compensated with a complementary ticket to the event in exchange for this post. All opinions and words are my own. 

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