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Thanksgiving turkey reimagined. As part of my $25 Thanksgiving dinner challenge, I've received the most comments and questions about the turkey.

Watch the news broadcast and see how I completed the meal by clicking HERE and see the complete menu, tips and price breakdown by clicking HERE. if you want the turkey recipe, just follow along below!

Happy Thanksgiving, my friends.

Stuffed Turkey Breast Roulade

1 box Stove Top stuffing (any flavor), prepared
Freshly ground black pepper
Kosher salt
1/4 cup white onion, diced
2 boneless, skinless turkey breast halves, butterflied

Preheat the oven to 425 degrees F.

Lay the butterflied turkey breast between two large pieces of plastic wrap on clean work surface. Use a tenderizer (flat side only) or rolling pin to pound turkey breast to an even thickness. Use firm, tight sweeping strokes to pound out the breast. Remove plastic wrap and discard.

Place one turkey breast half on a sheet pan covered with aluminum foil. Season turkey generously with salt and pepper.

Add diced onion to prepared Stove Top stuffing. Divide and spread the stuffing mixture evenly over the turkey breast, leaving about a 3/4 to 1/2-inch border. Be careful not to overstuff the turkey or you will have a difficult time rolling it up. Starting with the long end of the breast, roll the turkey up and over the stuffing, jelly roll style. Repeat with remaining breast.

Place the turkey roulade seam side down on the foil. Wrap roulade and twist each end of the foil tightly. Place on sheet pan and bake for 35 minutes.

Slice the turkey into 1-inch thick slices and serve with gravy.