Sweet Summer Luv Luv Festival Preview

It's that time of year! Dr. Brownstone's Sweet Summer Luv Luv Festival is upon us in Winston-Salem! I attended the five days of deliciousness in 2012 and it was a week of amazing food, meeting amazing people and enjoying the creative menus of world-renowned chefs using lots of local produce, local products and local craft beers, wine and spirits.

Chef Tim Grandinetti, culinary powerhouse who you may have seen on Chopped Grillmasters, holds an annual event where he invites all of his chef friends to cook, make menus together and celebrate each culinarian in the brightest foodie light.

This week will be no different in terms of fun and great food!

The beginning of the week featured local chefs from Meridian, Noble's Grille, Bib's Downtown, and of course, Spring House. The later part of the week will feature chefs from Virginia, Florida, Canada, Missouri! Stay tuned for those recaps!

Appetizers from Night 1 & 2:

From Beta Verde: Braised carrot with goat cheese and chutney, crostini with local proscuitto, deviled egg yolk, green olive chutney and red onion jam (Winston-Salem)

From Chef Shane of Foothills Brewing: Braised beef cheeks on yellow grits, green onion garnish

From Mark Little of Bib's Downtown and BBQ Pitmasters Grand Champion, black pepper bacon wrapped pork loin and apple turnover

From Chef Jeff Bacon of Triad Community Kitchen: Seared tuna, pickled peppers

Craft brews from Foothills Brewing. Pour away, my dear... pour away...
Also from Chef Bacon: Grilled ribeye, seared potato cake topped with smoked spinalis (ribeye cap), summer squash casserole


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