Tart And Tangy Triad Podcast

The Piedmont Triad has a new podcast. A foodie podcast. A local podcast all about food, drink, restaurants, cooking and everything in between. Tart And Tangy Triad the the area's newest addition to the food podcast world. The Triad's first food podcast.

UPDATE (7/24/13): You can listen to each WEEKLY PODCAST HERE

I get to be a spicy, sassy 1/3 cup brown sugar part of Tart And Tangy Triad [squeeee]  We recorded our first episode and you can listen to it HERE. Or here.

Or here.

We're so new, we don't even have a logo yet!
DISCLAIMER: This is not the real TTT logo. This is a fake mock up of something I created today

We're so new, our website isn't even up and running.
We bought a website domain (http://tartandtangytriad.com) but there's nothing on it yet. We were so excited to get started, we figured we'll get to it soon enough.

We're so new, our Twitter feed is a photo of a sandwich I ate once.

There is nothing like this show. I feel so lucky to be a small piece of the podcast pie. The weekly podcast (recorded every Tuesday) is the newest part of The Less Desirables Network and is hosted by me, Nikki Miller-Ka, host of The Less Desirables Tim Beeman and the Official BCPF of The Less Desirables, Stephanie Hess. We have created the ultimate food baby: Tart And Tangy Triad.

Each episode is going to be divided into a five-course meal, focusing on different topics.

(1) Soup: Local food gossip (my favorite)
(2) Salad: Food trends, local & national
(3) Fish: culinary reality TV show recaps
(4) Meat: restaurant reviews
(5) Dessert: local food events, live events, festivals

We also will have other sections like Fast Food Minute and Ask Nikki and even some room for special guests.

I can't wait for you to subscribe to it and listen each week.

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Nikki Miller-Ka

Nikki Miller-Ka

Ms. Miller-Ka is a classically trained chef with a BA in English from East Carolina University and a Culinary Arts Associate Degree from Le Cordon Bleu-Miami.

Formerly, she’s worked as a researcher, an editorial assistant, reporter and guest blogger for various publications and outlets in the Southeast. She has also worked as a catering chef, a pastry chef, a butcher, a baker, and a biscuit-maker. Presently, she is a food editor, freelance food writer, and a tour guide for Taste Carolina Gourmet Food Tours.

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  1. Hi - is there an actual podcast / RSS feed? Or is it currently just the one mp3?

  2. We don't have a feed yet. As soon as we do, I'll be more than happy to let you know. In fact, I insist! I don't want you to miss an episode. We've had a couple of setbacks & have done 2 webshows in the place of podcasts and you can watch them here: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6aj__Fk1HHacp77NHD-c1Q


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