TV Dinner

The Fall lineup of new prime time shows is in full swing.
(Be warned. This blog post is full of words.)

Trailers have been run, preliminary "what-shows-do-I-want-to-watch" research has been done, and people have decided to point their DVRs to the shows that seem most intriguing. I have yet to point my DVR anywhere. I mean, I still DVR Gilmore Girls on SoapNet every weekend. What do I know about quality fall programming in 2011?

I do know that the one thing that millions of people also point during this time: the fork to their mouths--while in front of the TV.
Fried chicken with onion gravy, collard greens & succotash

2 Broke Girls--I like Kat Dennings. The end.
Hart of Dixie--maybe, possibly. I want to see if Rachel Bilson is capable of carrying her own show and if the show portrays Southerners as backwoods rednecks who like to play in the woods. Sweet Home Alabama redux, maybe? I say "let's see", but as a fan of The O.C., I really have to look.
Mike & Molly--I saw this a few times last season. I love Melissa McCarthy & she's really come into her own since Gilmore Girls. She has always been a comic relief. And I plan on watching SNL this Saturday to see her.
I wrote down Castle, but I'll most likely be watching Hawaii Five-0 (they come on at the same time). It's one of my mom's favorites. I liked last season. But this season kinda sucks.

Ringer and New Girl come on at the same time and lucky for me, I can DVR two shows at one time. Whew. Problem solved.
I can watch Glee on Hulu, if I really want to--but I probably won't.
I can't neglect Parenthood. I loved the movie, I love family shows with kids. And I need my Lauren Graham fix.

Up All Night looks as if it will be great and long-lasting. I know so many new and soon-to-be new moms who are crushing hard on this show.
Suburgatory sounds sinful and delicious. I'm looking forward to this show most.
Modern Family: I feel as if I should watch this because everyone else is (damn you, peer pressure) but I never watched Arrested Development and we all know what happened to THAT.
Law & Order SVU stays DVR'd and has been for like 12 years, and even if no new episodes are made, this is America: there is a Law & Order on some channel on some network, somewhere in America 24 hours a day.

Big Bang Theory--my boyfriend watches it. I want to watch it because he does. This will precipitate bonding. Because that's what you do with your significant other. More fodder for the DVR.
The Vampire Diaries--I have been watching this show from the beginning and I can't tell you why. There's miniscule slivers of good acting, the plot is mediocre at best, and I don't do vampires. I think they're trendy now and in a few years, something else will take their place (zombies are coming up fast upon the horizon; I hear they can carry weapons now).
Grey's Anatomy--I watched the first season and then something shiny caught my attention and I have only seen a handful of episodes since.

Friday: I plan on painting my town red with my friends so the TV will be off and able to cool down and rest for a few hours before football on Saturday and Sunday afternoons :)

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