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Even though Earth Day was on April 22, Winston-Salem celebrated it a bit early last Saturday at Wake Forest. I helped out at the Slow Food booth but not before I went around to check out what food was being offered.

Let me just say, local food rocks.

First, Meridian Restaurant served up the Egyptian national dish, kushari. A blend of rice, lentils, chickpeas and macaroni, this simple dish totally hit the spot. I love northern Africa and all of its cuisine that I've tried and kushari is no different. I've only been to Morrocco and Tunisia but Egypt is definitely on my "to-do" list (right after Singapore & the Maldives)

Bread from Grateful Bread (hahaha) in High Point.

These ladies were so willing to pose. And willing to give me (multiple) samples of fried cauliflower with tomato chutney. Thank you!

Deep-fried cauliflower. Mmmm.
Next, were pupusas from Du Mexique. I'd never heard of this restaurant before this day and I wish I had. My friend Lucy extolls the greatness of this place on her blog & she is right: they are purveyors of some fine, fine Mexican food.

I stood in awe watching this young lady pat, mold and griddle the pupusas. She was fast.
I ate wayy too much. And I got a little suntan in the process.

Maybe I should have been eating these...

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