Organica Deluxe Ginger Cookies

UPDATE: Organica Deluxe has been folded into the as of late 2010.

Once again, Foodbuzz has been good to me.

As a participant of the Featured Publisher Tastemaker Program, I got to sample some cookies from Organica Deluxe.

This company is right up my alley. Based in Charlotte, North Carolina (a mere 90 miles from me) Organica Deluxe qualifies as a local producer! Not only that, but they taut products from sustainable manufacturers, organic farmers, and community artisans from around the world. An uber-ecofriendly gift shop, not only do they have these cookies I'm about to tell you about, but they are chock-full of luxury items that make great gift items for the green guy (or girl) in your life.

So when the pretty blue box was dropped off lovingly by my UPS guy, I was ecstatic, beside myself with joy to receive something in the mail. I ripped into that sucker to find 3 things:

1--organic ginger cookies! yay
2--the box, the wrapping paper, and the packing peanuts were all at least 75% post-consumer recycled (yay, again!) and the peanuts are biodegradable!
3--my package of cookies was open! (NOooo)

I snapped this pic to show proof and to let someone know I wasn't bluffing, just to get more cookies. I'm sure the cookies were fine, but it reminded me of how we had to let our parents inspect our candy after trick-or-treating because someone may have put a needle in a Snickers, or something crazy like that.
So, one week later, I get a NEW box! with NEW cookies! The last box only had 2...the new one had 4! Yay!

Back to the cookies: made with organic flour, organic butter, organic sugar, organic ginger...and the softest morsels I've put in my mouth in a long while. Do you remember ginger molasses cookies from Starbucks (now they're just plain molasses)? Well, that's what these tasted like, but better. Much better.

They're going fast...

And even faster with a bit o' egg nog on the side.
I'm not an eggnog fan at all, but my boss gave me 3 gallons on Christmas Eve...I HAD to do something with it! Let's just say I'm now friends with Southern Comfort, Spiced Rum, and a dude named Jack Daniels. We're all getting along really well...

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  1. Nikki, you're so funny. HAPPY NEW YEAR my friend. The cookies sound tasty. The eggnog sounds FANTASTIC especially with your "new friends". May all your wishes come true in 2009. :)

  2. im loving that plate! where from!?! :)

  3. Haha, that's fantastic! And sad that you had opened cookies. But it worked out even better in the end!

    And I second the plate envy- where is it from?!


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