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There are a total of SIX (6) restaurants listed in my area at I wonder if this is because the internet means nothing to the nicer restaurants in my city, the lack of restaurants in my city, or I should move to a more gastronomical friendly city/town/state.

I love my city, I really do. My #1 favorite restaurant isn't listed on OpenTable.

6th & Vine, a wine bar at 209 West Sixth St. in Winston-Salem. Not only do I love the food, I love the atmosphere as well.

Sundays, bottles of wine are half-price. My favorite part is getting a flight of wine for just $12. I get to sample 4 different kinds & remember not to get the Tempranillo because it really doesn't taste too good...

Wednesdays, is dinner & a movie--get dinner and sit out back on the patio and watch a movie projected on one of the exposed brick walls. But now that fall is upon us, it's Wine Down Wednesdays, instead.

Most Saturday nights, a live band plays, giving me reason to come on out and dance come on out and make romance.

Lots of social events are hosted here & it's always a treat to meet up with the Winston-Salem Jaycees here. Maybe one day they'll convince me to join...

The real reason why I come here is the food. I love to drink (oops! Did I say that aloud?) but what better to go with drink than food? My favorite are the tapas, flatbread pizzas, & the paninis.

I adore crabcakes almost as much as I do beer. This one was well-made. More crab than cake, buttery, hot, spicy, with a nice remoulade.

My #1 favorite appetizer: Jamaican jerk beef skewers with coconut thai sauce. I love the presentation. The skewers are set in a halved orange and the sauce is in the other hallowed-out half.

My roommate & I hanging out on the back patio. Why I'm grinning so hard, I do. Not. Know.

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Nikki Miller-Ka

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  1. You're grinning because you had a little to drink, and delicious food outside :) That's grintastic all the way.

    Winston is pretty cool, we'll have to hit it up next time.

  2. Oh dinner & a movie outside sounds like fun!

  3. Because you are So. Damn. Happy.

    Sounds like a great restaurant. (Check out San Francisco's Foreign Cinema online.)

  4. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  5. Nikki, this restaurant sounds like a great place to eat (and drink). The idea of movies outdoors while you have dinner sounds divine. Someday I'll join you. I think you're smiling because you are a happy soul.

  6. adam: a little to drink? are you kidding me? you don't know me very well do you? :) I know Winston far better than Greensboro. I can 100% guarantee fun times.

    CC: I will.

    Kristie: Thanks, girl! ;)

    Teresa: It was so much fun this summer going there & watching the movies. We'd order appetizers & share with everyone at the table. One week, my mom showed up! Random & unexpected. Then more & more friends started showing up. We had a 15-person table by the end. It was one of the best summer nights of 2008.

  7. Adorable picture.

    Restaurants probably have to pay to be listed at Opentable, don't they? Also a lot of restaurants don't even take reservations, so there's no point in being listed.


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