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On November 08, 2008 by Nikki @ NikSnacks   20 comments

I have bad news.

You know that cute little cell phone that I use to take all of my food pics?

The one that works better than my digital camera?

Well, it is no more.

Well, at the very least, it's out of commission until I can get it repaired or get a new one. I'm really not ready to sign a new contract for $arm and pay $leg to get a Crackberry or an iPhone, so I will sit here and cry in my milk about it for at least two days.

To tide you over, here are the hard copies for the recipes from my cooking class, Table For Two.

Fish & Potato Chowder

Crispy Veal Cutlets with Buttery Caraway Noodles

Curry Carrot Cream Sauce

Linzer Cookies

The second, I can get my pics from the phone to you, I'll post 'em. 'Cause those photos are the best ones I've taken yet. Honestly.


  1. Poor you! I HATE when that happens. They seem to design all this stuff, so that it breaks at the drop of a hat.

  2. That sux!

    It could be an excuse to buy a new toy. That's probably the way I'd look at it. :-)

  3. Ohhh, that sucks! I'm sorry.

    Could you buy a cheap little camera online or something?

  4. What the heck? That's your livelyhood... that's not fair. Drop me a text and tell me it ain't so, good buddy.

  5. That sucks! :(
    I am crying in my milk right now too hearing about this! I hope you can get it figured out soon...

  6. Yep the Crackberry is addicting. I have a double habit and should be in rehab. Invest a small digital. Look around overstock .com or something.

  7. Well, Nikki, it looks as though you at least got some sleep last night!!! :)

    Alas, not having a cell phone I cannot sympathize (they're evil! Evil, I tell you!!!), but I do a decent job with my little point-and-shoot Canon camera. I have to figure out how to focus the close-up pics better, though.

    Heads up, young lady, it will get better. Always does! :D


  8. awwww - virtual hugs! I hope you get a new cam quick fast and in a hurry!


  9. I know EXACTLY how you feel (well, except it was my camera, not my phone), but I insist that photos are no substitute for good writing (despite some the efforts of some blogs).

  10. Nikki, how sad. Get it replaced soon. I love your photos. One question. I guess this makes it sound like I live in the dark ages, but what the heck is a Crackberry????

  11. I feel your pain. I dropped my camera on the floor in a tipsy move at my high school reunion. I had to leave my blog unillustrated for a while. It felt like going on the internet naked.

    I want to take your cooking class!

  12. Thanks for the sympathy, you guys. I should be back in full swing tomorrow.

    Vicci: Crackberry is a term of endearment for the Blackberry because it's SOOoo addicting.

    Heather: I appreciate you saying that. I think I'm a better writer than I am photographer, anyway. Maybe I'll write another essay or something LOL

    Rachel: I'm scared to blog naked, with no pics. I have unseasonal pics & recipes I could post, but I'd rather not.

  13. aw, that sucks. Sorry :(

    My daughter dropped hers in Mountain Dew so I have to get her a new one now. *sigh*

    I so wish I lived in the triad. I would take your class :) I'm sure my girls would love for me to learn how to recycle turkey beyond the usual soup. LOL!

  14. I could live without a cellphone but not without my camera. What a pity! Hope you fix it soon.

  15. My Greek friend dropped his fav Panasonic mobile phone into his morning Frappé. He opened it up, cleaned it and later on managed to use it for quite sometime. Now, he's totally immersed in iPhone!

  16. BTW Nikki, I'm tagging you... I know you're busy with your schedules but I hope you have some fun with the tagging.


  17. Oh nooooo! My mom spilt coffee over her laptop years ago and she lost a report she had to file. I can only imagine how you must feel like without your cell. Hope you'll get it work soon!

  18. Hey Nikki, thanks for stopping by. I'm so glad you got the cookbook. Sorry there aren't any pictures in it. The publisher thought it was better (cheaper for them to print) wihout them. That's why I sneak some in whenever I'm featuring a recipe from the book. I truly hope you enjoy it.

  19. break down and get the crackberry. thee's just NO way around it! lol! sorry to hear about ur pic source.


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