G' mornin' Sunshine!

Today was not a good baking day in the House of Nik. Well, not at my home, but at work.

I got behind and I had to hustle to put everything in the oven to be DONE by 6:30 am. I spent too much time slicing apples (and talking...but that's nothing new). And, instead of turning the top oven ON, I turned it to COOL. I didn't figure this out until 6:10 a.m.

I had biscuits, scones, brownies, galettes, and cookies all to bake. I wanted to cry on the inside. Oh, and did I mention the 18-egg frittata I had to finish off?

Everything got done, but my savory galettes (zucchini, red pepper & havarti/ zucchini, tomato & cheddar) both looked like crap. The only redeeming quality about them was that they were cooked. I didn't fold the sides up enough. But the dough I have been using isn't anything I made. It was leftover from the previous baker. And I can't wait to use it all up. It crumbles and doesn't roll out very well.

My apple galettes turned out great, though. Very pretty. I should take pictures next time I go to work. Maybe even video. Don't tempt me...

Well, the cheddar biscuits were light and fluffy and the frittata smelled amazing when I was cutting into it. Caramelized onion, tomato, spinach & havarti. The best part of my job is leaving to go home with a hot cheddar biscuit slathered with 3-onion cream cheese and bacon in my hand. Mmmmm.

Today, I didn't go home with a biscuit, but I went home inspired to make something simple and yummy for breakfast.

Herbed Egg Croustades with Country Grits

There's no recipe (well, I'm not in the mood to formulate one) but these are very simple. Usually made with bread, I used tortillas, because I didn't make any bread this week. Sorry, Jeff and Zoe. I've seen them made with puff pastry and phyllo dough as well. Bread is more simple and a special trip to the store isn't required.

Cut crusts off bread and roll flat with a rolling pin. Using a large biscuit or cookie cutter, cut out a circle of bread. Discard or set aside bread pieces. Brush each circle with butter and place into muffin tins. Bake in oven for 5-10 minutes, just until crispy.

Meanwhile, crack eggs into a medium bowl. Add cheddar, herbs, salt and pepper. Whisk to combine. When croustade shells are finished, remove from oven and pour egg mixture into each cup, making sure each is filled evenly. The eggs will puff up, so don't overfill.

Return croustades to oven for an additional 10 minutes or until eggs are cooked to desired consistancy.
One more time. With feeling.

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Nikki Miller-Ka

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  1. These look so easy to make and look delicious but I may be cooking a storm everyday but don't tell me to cook or bake anything early in the morning.

  2. Oh Nikki this look so good! I may have to try them as a special breakfast for Matt this weekend!

  3. I love, love, LOVE that recipe. That is sooooooo perfect for brunch. Thanks for the great idea.

  4. I'd love to wake up to that breakfast! Those eggs look so good!

  5. Some days you have off days, but you redeemed yourself with the breakfast!

  6. I'm going to make these for Chris after our run this Sunday. Then I'm going to say that I made the recipe up so that I get grateful "you're a genius, Kristie!" lovin'. Thought I'd tell you before you had a chance to copyright that shiznit.

  7. That DOES look good. Here's something funny, I've lived in the south all this time and I've never had grits.

    True story.

  8. I love that the eggs have their own edible container. I haven't tried grits before, you don't see them much in Canada - I will have to keep an eye out.

  9. Why aren't those on the bakery menu for breakfast. You can have them in hand and get ready on the go. Traveling food for traveling people :)

    Hey, I think I may have heard all of this stuff before... haha

  10. Ivy: you see? that's where I come in! I'll be glad to fix breakfast early in the morning.

    Kat: Oh! Tell me how he likes it! And the bread works much better than tortillas...well, wheat ones, anyway.

    D: ME TOO!

    Sue: I'm so very glad you like it. It IS a good idea! Hmm...

    Italian Cook: Thanks! And I bet adding bacon, pancetta or something would be yummy, too.

    Courtney: If only I weren't the only one eating these! I put the other four in the freezer. They'll probably taste better later.

    Kristie: Oh goodie. Post-run food. If I were a runner, I'd want to make this too. And then shake on some Texas Pete.

    Complaint mgr: I think you're lying. You are lying to me right now. You need to get some. Grits, that is. But be careful. Some places add tooo much water. And then you'll be mad and you won't like them. And then you'll blame me for your misfortune.

    Natashya: And don't think I've forgotten about you! ;) You're going to get yours!

    Adam: You're like Uncle Traveling Mac, always talking about food & travel. :) I spoke to my boss about it briefly. I have decided just this moment to make some tomorrow to see how they go over. We have the frittatas, so people might not want this too.

    Mary, if you're reading this...you see the kind of response this croustade is eliciting?? Hmmm??

  11. It's too bad they didn't look like you want but the flavors in the savory galettes sound delicious. I hate crumbly dough.

  12. Yeah... what Kristie said. And I have BLUE tortillas in the fridge, and homemade hot sauce. Thanks for making me look smart tomorrow morning.

  13. maggie: I hope it's the dough and not the recipe because I made some more dough using the same recipe. I think the herbs may be cutting the gluten too short. Who knows?

    Peter: Oh, I'd do anything to make you look smart ;)

  14. Quick and easy way to fancy up breakfast Nik:D


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