Ice Cream, You Scream: National Ice Cream Day!

Yay! It's finally here! National Ice Cream Day! Thank you, Ronald Reagan for giving America such a wonderful reason to eat sweet treats in the middle of the hot hot summer!

I decided to host this event for two reasons. First, I am in love with ice cream. We have a beautiful, loving relationship that has lasted nearly 15 years. My first job ever was at an ice cream parlor named Mayberry's. I scooped ice cream, mixed Italian sodas, and assembled banana splits; served hot dogs, ladled bean and bacon soup, and whirred milkshakes. Our first summer together was blissful, memorable, and signified the end of my weekly allowance for doing nothing, from my parents.

Secondly, last summer I got the fortunate opportunity to lead an ice cream demonstration at Williams-Sonoma. Since then, they've stopped having outside chefs come in (much to the denegration of the demonstrations of the high-quality gear and foodstuffs they have there) but I came out with a Cuisinart Frozen Yogurt, Sorbet & Ice Cream Maker with a FREE additional ice cream freezer bowl. It came with a little booklet but that thing was lost long ago. It's probably in the same place as the booklets to the stove, microwave, and washing machine.

Even though we're all (hopefully) celebrating this day in America, I received a great number of entries from abroad. I've gained some new blogging friends. I've gained some knowledge. This event confirms my suspicions that food is universal and it brings us all together for one reason or another.

Smita of Smita Serves You Right in Rochester, New York, gives us our first churn-free dessert, Passionfruit Sherry Sorbet . She uses a simple syrup that she heated in the microwave and says," I didn't have to turn the stove on or heat up the kitchen. Yay!"...One of the reasons why I thought this event was perfect for the summer!
Jenn the Leftover Queen in Saint Augustine, Florida gives us Mango Coconut YoCream.
Jenn did what she does best and made the YoCream from leftover ingredients from her freezer. Mango, lime puree, Greek yogurt, and shreds of coconut make for a beautiful, creamy dessert. Thanks, Jenn!

Mansi of Fun and Food in California brings us a Mango Marscarpone Kulfi. You learn something new every day and I learned: Kulfi, is an indian version of mousse, without eggs. Mousse is one of the easiest desserts to prepare, without compromising on the taste and indulgence factor.

Kazari of I Think I Have A Recipe For That... in Canberra, Australia gives us Lemon Delicious Ice Cream. "It's the best ice cream I've ever made," she says. "I should have title this 'Heaven on a spoon'. It's really that good." I believe her. Look at that. If you go her blog today (July 20) wish her a Happy Birthday! Tell her Nik sent you!
Hetal of Isha's Kitchen in Houston, Texas gives us Fat-Free Frozen Mango Yogurt
Her recipe is a churn-free version that also contains a bit mint and starwberry jam to add to the mango's flavor.

Marija of Palichinka in Belgrade, Serbia sends us FOUR different flavors of ice cream: elderberry, chicory, chocolate, and Nescafe (coffee). "This is my favorite ice cream recipe," she says. "It's actually a recipe for the base and you can use whatever flavoring you like..."

Katie B. of Other People's Food in Herndon, Virginia made cute Pistachio Ice Cream Sammies
Katie cracks me up: "Because we'd nibbled away at a couple of cookies and slurped down so much ice cream, I was only able to put together four sandwiches - which is really sad, because they rocked. For serious."

Joelen of Joelen's Culinary Adventures in Chicago, Illinois created a yummy Watermelon Sorbet
A beautiful rendition of Alton Brown's melon sorbet, Joelen really makes it look good. BTW, Joelen hosts and participates in a myriad of cooking & blogging events, so you should really check her out sometime.

Angie of Miami Mojo in Miami, Florida whipped up some Samoas Cookie and Dulce Leche Ice Cream Samoas are just one of the delectable options Girl Scouts tempt us with every spring. As an Adult Girl Scout, I was ecstatic to see Angie enter this creation. "More delicious than my sweet tooth or taste buds ever dreamed!," she boasts.

Rachel AKA The Short (dis)Order Cook of The Essential Rhubarb Pie in Mamaroneck, New York churned up some Dark Chocolate Toblerone Crunch and it "Satifies my love of dark chocolate ice cream and chewy and crunchy bits," she says. And I believe her wholeheartedly.
Dita of My Culina Sanctuarium in Salmiya, Kuwait stirs up another churn-free creation with Pomegranate Ice Cream. I agree with Dita when she says, "Homemade ice cream is a real kids pleaser." She serves up the sweets with delectable seseme cookies, too. Yum!

Michelle, the Baroness Tapuzina in Israel amazes us with a Roasted Apricot-Almond Ice Cream and Tehina-Pistachio Ice Cream. Michelle dared to experiment with apricots, seseme paste and date honey. A true reflection of some of her country's best ingredients, this ice cream is a winner.

Jessica of Fearless Kitchen in Braintree, Massachusetts fearlessly entered Honey Ice Cream from The Ultimate Ice Cream Book by Bruce Weinstein. Using soy (my personal new favorite ice cream-making milk) and a bit of almond extract, "This is one of my favorite ice creams to make," she says. "It has a light taste but is still powerfully sweet, and matches well with fruit." Can't wait to try this one, too!

Cathy of aficionado from Sydney, Australia entered a chestnut gelato. She uses instant or freeze-dried chestnuts which are incredibly convenient. Now you can have chestnuts churning over an open pire any time of the year!

Natashya of Living In The Kitchen With Puppies from Canada created a Cardamom Banana Ice Cream with her puppies Merlin and Bella by her side. The caradmom is what makes this ice cream special. Never have I ever heard cardamom described so eloquently: "If you haven't tried it - it is a woody, earthy spice that behaves much like cinnamon...once you try it you will be wondering why it is cinnamon that is so popular."

Manuela of Baking History:A Taste for the Past in Massachusetts made a Malt Honey Ice Cream "This ice cream is simply wonderful, not too sweet and with a pleasant, slightly bitter aftertaste—great on its own or paired with other flavors such as chocolate or vanilla," she says.

Michelle of Big Black Dogs in Barrington Hills, IL tempts us with Frozen Hot Chocolate. "A luscious chocolate dessert that will knock your socks off!" she says.

Anali of Anali's First Amendment in Quincy, Massachusetts constitutes a great ice cream: Coffee Chocolate Chip! Another creation made with a soy product, her recipe was created in her kitchen. As with all of her recipes, it's a work in progress that she thinks we'll still enjoy.

Kara of What's Kookin in Falls Church, Virginia rocks out with a Traditional Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream.

*Kristen of I'm Right About Everything in Arlington Heights, Illinois is definitely right about her Chocolate Oreo Ice Cream: "The ice cream is so creamy and delicious, too."

Kiriel of The Papillon Pantry in Geneva, Switzerland so graciously entered an Indulgent Vanilla Bean ice cream. "This gloriously simple ice cream can't be beaten. All the complicated fancy ice creams out there, the cookie cream confections and english toffees are just blown out of the water. Creamy, rich, pure... sublime." Yum! Yum! Yum!

I'd like to thank everyone for their time, care, and attention given to the entries. Thanks to you, the reader for coming by and getting a taste of what good frozen confectionary items the blogging world has to offer! So, eat up! National Ice Cream month last for only a few more days!

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  1. Congratulations on the great roundup Nikki! And Happy National Ice Cream Day! ; )

  2. Whoa! that's a lot of ice cream. My husband gave me the ice cream making attachment for my KitchenAid, but I always forget to put the bowl in the freezer 15 hours in advance. I had some jasmine ice cream that woulda rocked! (next time....)

  3. Great round up Nik. And I see some Chicago/ Suburban area bloggers to check out.

  4. Excellent idea for a round-up! The dark chocolate toblerone crunch would be my first choice - I love toblerone chocolate! Second would be the banana cardamom - I totally agree cardamom is preferable to cinnamon.

  5. Congrats Nik. Thanks for this wonderful round up.

  6. Thank you to everyone who participated in Ice Cream, You scream. You've given a lot of people a lot of reasons to make some sweet treats in the kitchen this week!

    Heather: I hate having to put the bowl in the freezer so far in advance. My freezer is little and people get mad when they can't to get to the sausages whenever they feel like it without shoving a bunch of stuff aside.

  7. YEEEEEEEEHAW! These are all completely fabulous entries Nikki! I am so looking forward to doing it again next year. Hope you had a wonderful holiday!

  8. LOl - I'm in love with icegream just this much too!

  9. Nikki, thanks for hosting this wonderful event. So many great recipes to try.
    If you decide to repeat this event next Summer I will look forward to participating again!

  10. That's a great round up. Sorry I missed this. All recipes are droolworthy.

  11. I do hope I'm around long enough to do this next year. I love tradition, I'm a creature of habit, so I'll definitely do this up big next year!

    I have to come up with another appropriate event to host! This was so much fun!

  12. I had every intention to participate but got a little busy lately. I love all the many wonderful ones to try!

  13. What a roundup! All of it looks so good!
    Happy Ice Cream Day! I celebrated with a little, myself.

  14. Yay. Ice Cream Day!

    Thanks for hosting this. Coming up with a new ice cream was a lot of fun.


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