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Please excuse my mess while I try to transform my blog!

Watch out for that beam!
(I have to inject some sort of humor in this. My blog looks pitiful right now)

I've known HTML since high school, but I learned XML code just a few weeks ago and I'm trying it out now.

I now know why I was not a computer science major in college.

This may take a while...


Emily said...

It looks good so far...nice and green.

Nikki @ NikSnacks said...

Thanks, friend. I am worn out. I will not be changing this for a long while.

Aaron said...

Hello Nik,

I saw your post on the Foodie Blogroll forum. I like the green. It helps to have a coherent color scheme going. There are some things that are difficult to read however. The title banner lettering does not stand out enough. Also, some of the salmon color text against the beige background is difficult to read.

Hope that helps,


Elle said...

Hey, stopping by from the foodie blogroll!

I love the colors and the look, but the pink font in the light green sidebars is very hard to read.

Looks good otherwise!

Nikki @ NikSnacks said...

Aaron: I hope it looks better now. The salmon on the sidebars have to stay because all of the text has to be the same color, but once you click on the links, it changes to white. I think that is a reasonable trade-off.

Elle: As you can see from my comment to Aaron, I know about the font. I do hope it's easier on the eyes in other areas. Thanks so much for your feedback.