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There are eight (8) listed CSA-supported farms in my area and I am jealous of everyone who has a share. I go to the farmer's market every Saturday (just like my grandmother) so I can be inspired (read: picky) about the produce and occasional meat product in my house. I want a CSA share too!

Yes, parsley! And you, too, can be a part of the joy that is a community-supported agricultural experience!

Recently, I've been enamored by bloggers that get CSA boxes delivered to them like,

Tammy at Food On The Food and Kat at A Good Appetite...

and the goods they all produce. We don't eat that much in my house, but if we had a 4 to 5Lb box of veg, eggs, or flowers guaranteed to me each week, I'd love that!

So, by the end of this week, I'm going to look into a CSA to carry me through to the fall...


Homemade Heaven said...

I get an organic box delivered every week. It's like Christmas for me, as I never know what it coming. They only supply what they can get that week. Great idea.

kat said...

I think we eat a lot more because we get the CSA box to tell you the truth. Right now we get 1 every other week but are already talking about every week next year. Hopefully it will remain good though the farm has been hit with hail & floods this spring.

Nikki @ NikSnacks said...

Rose: I can't wait to get some organic greens and things in my life.

Kat: I wasn't able to get an affordable CSA this year. Maybe next. Or perhaps I'll find someone who is willing to split a half with me.