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Bite it and write it. That's what I do.


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Sounds fancy, don't it?
Pâtes et fromage is only macaroni (pasta) and cheese.
More comfort food.

I don't know why I feel the need to be comfortable.

I feel so sluggish and lazy right now! I didn't even want to post this entry.

Usually, I bite it and write it. Not today. I had to take a nap first. Zzzzz

Even though the weather is beginning to get warmer, and I'm ready for Spring, I'm holding onto the last part of winter for dear life. I don't know why. I hate Winter. I hate to see it come and can't wait for it to leave!

Macaroni and cheese, please!

Everybody's got their own tried and true (or experimental and iffy) mac 'n' cheese recipe.

People bake it, fake it, boil it, fry it, mix it, buy it--and do a host of other kinds of verbs to it.

My mac 'n' cheese isn't innovative, unbelievably creative, or novel. It's just full of cheese and noodles.

The recipe is posted here*. It's also available for downloading so you can print it out; just click on the title of the recipe. Nutritional information is also available.

*To make it richer, use full fat milk (for both milks), regular shredded cheese, and flour instead of cornstarch. It will turn out the same, and probably even better.

Does anyone want to come over and help me clean up?


  1. I'd have the "Itis" too after eating that. I love your recipes on that link. Sweet Potato lasagne sounds good.

  2. Yeah, girl. I had the "itis." I got NO work done. I'm making up for it today :(

    I'm glad you like my recipes there. That lasagne really is bomb. You need to try it. Or have somebody else make it and then you eat it. 'Cause it's good.

  3. I always make a roux for my mac n chee, but that's cuz I try to sneak gravy into damn-near everything.

    I thought the "itis" was just a Dave Chapelle joke. I am so happy to see that it is real (I get it too, hunny).

  4. I usually make a roux too, but I wanted to try it w/o butter and fat just to see what would happen. Gravy makes it better every single time.
    When you add cheese, it becomes a mornay sauce. Le frances 'n' sh*t.

    No, dude. "Itis" is real. LOL I didn't learn what it was until about 3 years ago. A Puerto Rican girl had to tell me what it was. I was like, "OHhhhhhhh."


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