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Enjoy the taste of your favorite animated chef – without the added fat and salt! Chef Nikki Miller-Ka presents her closest imitation of the tastes Emeril made famous, but with a healthy twist. Recipes and samples. Class is from 11:30 am to 1pm

--an excerpt from the Website for BestHealth, where I teach my cooking class

Can I tell you that this warmed the cockles of my heart? "...your favorite animated chef..." Sometimes I feel like the teacher after school when the guests come up to me after class and all the samples have been distributed to ask me questions, comment on the day's fare, or just tell me they had a good time.

Until just recently, I only shared my culinary dreams with my family and close friends. But to hear/see good tidings from a complete stranger? It truly blows my mind. I do have a good heart (definitely a healthy one) and I everything I do is out of love. I hope that message comes across clearer than any other qualities I portray.

Below are links recipes and nutritional information for the items I created during my BestHealth class for the month of February. If you're visiting my blog as a participant of my class, Welcome! And if you found your way here through other means, Welcome to you, too.

Links to recipes from past classes can be found here and here and.....here

This recipe is similar to the one posted yesterday, but there are no sweet potatoes involved.

Cherry Oat Scones (I posted this one last week but you can download for printing now)

Fruit Brownie Pizza
I really don't like chocolate. If I were to be obsessed about it, I'd buy and eat these every day of my natural life. They beat ANY and EVERY pastry chef's paltry attempt at chocoholic satisfaction. And they're fat free.

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Nikki Miller-Ka

Nikki Miller-Ka

Ms. Miller-Ka is a classically trained chef with a BA in English from East Carolina University and a Culinary Arts Associate Degree from Le Cordon Bleu-Miami.

Formerly, she’s worked as a researcher, an editorial assistant, reporter and guest blogger for various publications and outlets in the Southeast. She has also worked as a catering chef, a pastry chef, a butcher, a baker, and a biscuit-maker. Presently, she is a food editor, freelance food writer, and a tour guide for Taste Carolina Gourmet Food Tours.

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  1. Hi Nikki--I am going to bake the oat scones but with blueberries! I'll let u know how they are---can't wait to bake!!

    Ann Taylor


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