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The Super Bowl is upon us. And my bole is empty.

bole [bōl] (n):the human or animal body apart from the head and appendages

Today should be the one of the biggest snacking day of the year for me. Yet I'm sitting at my desk hungry as the day is long. I'm going to pretend that I am practicing for Lent. So not only am I observing Lent in all its glory this year (or agony, if you talk to any ecclesiastical pundit) I cannot wait for IHOP's Second Annual National Pancake Day.

Mardi Gras

Fat Tuesday

Shrove Tuesday

or Pancake Day whatever you call the day before Ash Wednesday, it means you are do drink, smoke and EAT in excess. Pancakes will be free on Tuesday, February 12! Due to Super Tuesday, IHOP decided to hold the charity event one week later. One stack per person, but who cares?! Every year I try to make plans on Fat Tuesday only for them to be thwarted by evil forces (AKA The Decepticons, Skeletor, Cruella DeVil, Gargamel, or Dr. Claw seem to somehow be involved).

By the way, I'm giving up TV for Lent. Food is not a vice only a victual.

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