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I am now a member of The Foodie Blog Roll. As a member, I'm now connected to hundreds of other foodies across the land. I aspire to be in the upper echelon of food blogging. OK, maybe an echelon. I hope my ideas and food knowledge translate well to these pages. I honestly feel my wealth of knowledge and experience has not been reflected in my postings so far. Not only am I attempting to address a wide range of people, I'm learning about this New World of blogging. I feel as if I need to purchase Blogging for Dummies just to compete (I might just head to Borders tommorrow to "look"). I'll get it together.
I feel inspired by what I consume (see, read, touch, and eat) every day. I go through phases and focuses of different cuisines. Because I'm really into authentic recipes, I am always testing ideas. Speaking of testing, I'm currently testing recipes for my BestHealth cooking class later this month. I really need the final products to be a secret but I cannot WAIT to unleash the sweet treats for this month.
Speaking of this month, I am going to enter the March Royal Food Joust on The Left Over Queen's Website! Apparently, each month there are three ingredients chosen by the previous month's winner and a recipe must be made using all three ingredients and pictures are optional. This month it's pork (barley can be substituted for dietary restricted users), any citrus, and pink peppercorns. The gears are already turning in my head about what I want to make. I hope I win! I am going to suppose that I have to garner votes and get people to go to the site to vote for my dish. I can do that. I know lots of people.
Or at least I think I do.


  1. Glad you joined the Foodie Blog Roll! Blogging is such fun with all the various roundups and competitions like the Joust. I have "blogging pals" (gone are the days of pen pals) all around the world. Be forewarned, it's addictive! I find I'm up at 1:00 am looking at recipes and visiting blogs :)

  2. I'm up 'til the midnight hour looking at blogs too! I tell myself it's "for research" which it is, but I can't tear myself away from the screen sometimes!


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