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Thanks for coming to view my little baby.

I promise that I will post about/for/on/with/at (and any other preposition you can muster) food, videos, links, and a plethora of other food related memorabilia as soon as I can. This blog is going to be ultimately exciting for you AND for me. My menus and schedules of public tastings will be posted here. This is going to be the ultimate. I will have to refrain from making it about myself (Deep down I want it all to be about me), but the reason why we're all here is because of the food.
Yes, I will have general musings about the world at large, television, celebrities, and other news-worthy items too! And that's only because that's who I am as a person and experiencing those things are what shape me as a chef.
Hot damn, it's going to be good in 2008, people. Very good.


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