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Night two of Dr. Brownstone's Sweet Summer Luv Luv Festival was a marriage of the best chefs in Winston-Salem. Chef John Bobby of Noble's Grille and Chef Mark Grohman of Meridian were both competitors of Competition Dining's Fire in the Triad, where Chef Bobby won the whole enchilada.

The entire menu on Tuesday was was bursting full of local products. The best thing about eating locally, but thinking globally, is having seasonal produce at its peak. And I've eaten numerous dishes from each chef and I think this night's menu was a moment of peak performance for both gentlemen.
(left to right) Chef John Bobby, Chef Mark Grohman, Chef Tim Grandinetti

(click to enlarge) The night's menu

Smoked Pork Belly
Sitting atop a cream of bacon reduction of Foothills Brewing's Low Down Brown and confit of sunsugar tomatoes from Harmony Ridge Farms and a fresh Kellogg's Breakfast tomato, was a smoked pork belly from Cheshire Heritage Farm in Seven Springs, N.C. Garnished with pickled romaine lettuce and black pepper breadcrumbs, this dish was a hit and people were still talking about it on Thursday night!

Chef Mark Grohman plating up the 2nd course

Chef John Bobby grilling off some legs of lamb (bahhh!)

Pan seared foie gras
Presented by Chef Grohman, we got a pan seared medallion of foie gras sprinkled with smoked sea salt, sitting atop a brioche pain perdu (think French Toast made with brioche bread), grilled local white peaches and a rosemary champagne reduction.

Bourbon & molasses glazed Carolina Shrimp
Presented by Chef Tim Grandinetti, we were served jumbo Carolina shrimp glazed with bourbon & molasses which were on top of a green onion panna cotta and garnished with liquid wasabi and charred corn kernels. An unexpected treat, we also received a sushi roll filled with the beautiful seared tuna from Night One of Luv Luv that did not go with the shrimp, but Chef said he kept looking at the beautiful tuna leftover and couldn't resist.
St. Croix leg of lamb presented by Chef John Bobby

When this dish hit the table, I knew it was from Chef John Bobby. It had his style all over it. In true Competition Dining style, I guessed correctly and was proud to eat the lamb dish before me. We were presented with agnolotti made from Lindley Mills wheat flour, local chanterelle mushrooms, grilled local field peas, smoked pearl onions, pickled mustard seeds and sliced petals of leg of St. Croix lamb from Stauber Farm in Bethania, N.C.

Dry rubbed NC Bison flank
The hit of the night: Chef Grohman gave us dry rubbed grilled bison flank steak from Carolina Bison near Asheville that was rubbed with cocoa, coffee, different chili powders and a host of other things I can't remember right now, grilled and set atop a spicy, fresh organic garlic scape chimichurri, patty pan squash from Shore Farm Organics in Yadkinville, N.C. and smoked creamer potatoes. The potatoes sent every diner flying high. A former pilot himself, Chef Grohman simply smoked the potatoes for a mere FIVE minutes before roasting them in the oven to seal in all of the goodness with salt and pepper. Those five minutes were one of the best 300 seconds of my life.

Goat cheesecake featuring Buffalo Creek Farm's goat cheese

A wonderful finish to an amazing evening of amazing food, the dessert needed confetti, sparkles and everything glittery to emphasize how delicious it was. Featuring goat cheese from Buffalo Creek Farm and Creamery in Germanton, N.C. this cheesecake was the perfect means to an end. Accented with Texas Pete hot sauce (made in Winston-Salem) macerated blackberries, rosemary and a smoked honey comb glaze, the cheesecake was smooth, sweet and satisfied any cravings I might have had at this point of the night. The blackberries were a little spicy but tempered by the honey and the sweetness of the cake. Thank you, Chef Grandinetti for putting this in my life.



Robin said...

Wow, what a night of deliciousness! Thanks for all the pictures and your take on the food and fun.

Buffalo Creek Farm and Creamery was honored to have provided the goat cheese for this event.